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Travel Diary- Menorca.

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that in early May I jetted off for three days to the Balearic Islands with my two Best Friends from Uni. Writing this is giving me the absolute yearning to go back and re-live it, but I am excited to nontheless give you a little round… Continue reading Travel Diary- Menorca.

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Introducing you to me- 20 facts.

What better way to introduce you to me than to do a good ol' about me post. This could be rambly but we'll go with it. Here's a few things about me ( I promise I'll try and keep it short).  20 things for 20 year old me. I'm nearly twenty one and have felt… Continue reading Introducing you to me- 20 facts.

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A collaborative piece written by me and the beautifully talented Esme Brown who you can find over at:

Glitter Ghosts

These are crystallised visions

Dancing too close.

Instruments of the deep blue;

Fish hook kisses,

Raging rip-tide tongues.

These lights are an alien sky

Faces fish-eyed,

Scoop music or

Struggling spirits –

Slipping, yolky through florescent fingers –

Into steel-basin chests.

Phosphorous, unbound waves take us

Swaying in its swell of salt.

If we vomit tonight,

It’ll be jellyfish

Blubbery and full of washed up wishes.

Hips swing in rings of infinity

The Steady, instinctual pattern of bees

“Honey” They mouth;

Choked women’s voices

All those messages bottle-necked,

Annexed in Adams apples.

Tribal painted we chant

A song unknown to us

Possessed by the drums and

Something sacrificial,

Something ungendered and primal-

Angels with

Sequined wings exposed

To hungry hands.

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Why its important to be kick-ass.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple of months, then you'll know that the world outside our front doors has gone pear-shaped ( to say the least), or like a giant cheesy puff know...Trump face. Yes, as quoted, in England we refer to " trump" as fart and that is all he'll… Continue reading Why its important to be kick-ass.


How I like to unwind.

These past couple of months have been all about the TLC, and stepping into the breach of self-care. Having a busy student lifestyle and being an avid social freak, means I have to work extra hard at carving tender loving care into my daily routine. Here I am going to share some ways that I… Continue reading How I like to unwind.