How I overcome struggle- self care.

There can be a lot of misconceptions of the idea of “self-love” and the thought of putting yourself first. Indeed I pride myself upon being able to take care of myself. For a very long time I have struggled with myself and my identity, whether it be how I look or how I am generally. …

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  Don't ever let them hate on your body for it is a striking mosaic of bones a relic of desire, peppered with nostalgia- wiggling hips like a dog bounding from the riverbed. Your belly button is deep and soft a likeness to a shellfish- your skin is fuzzy and uncharted and your fungus white …

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  Her soul is June's yellow telling mine about the sun fingers, white Galanthus bulbs turning me to Midas Gold. Her voice is like a naked mist danger concealed in an Alchemist's kiss her eyes are but dichroic glass so sickly sweet and opportune.