The confidence capsule- Overcoming fear and tribulations.

Hello you gorgeous people, welcome back to my snazzle jazzle blog. This week emotions have heightened, we've been screwed over by politics once more and I've reached a new amazing high in spite of all that. I've decided to start a little series on my blog called ' the confidence capsule', sharing with you some …

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I am.

I am but space a cluster of mess; my skin full of chemicals that has let hurricanes in and planets and scars like plastered wax stuck to my chest. I am the white sclera the peeling film of tired eyes; I am sinew of bones that make up home with feelings reaching from the praline …

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  Her soul is June's yellow telling mine about the sun fingers, white Galanthus bulbs turning me to Midas Gold. Her voice is like a naked mist danger concealed in an Alchemist's kiss her eyes are but dichroic glass so sickly sweet and opportune.