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CURRENT FAVOURITES So today I made a cheeky little Youtube video which you can watch! ( hover over the link in this post). Just some of the things I am currently loving.

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Introducing you to me- 20 facts.

What better way to introduce you to me than to do a good ol' about me post. This could be rambly but we'll go with it. Here's a few things about me ( I promise I'll try and keep it short).  20 things for 20 year old me. I'm nearly twenty one and have felt… Continue reading Introducing you to me- 20 facts.

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Give me it all.

  Give me the things I haven't seen They’re sleeping here in my memory Give me the glitches but not the rage Can’t you see I’m pulling away? Give me the home of those headlights Kisses without the gunfights Give me ghosts that remember you Lead me further into. Give me the shade of your broken wings… Continue reading Give me it all.

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Infuse your life with action. Don't wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love- B.W.   This one's called time out for a reason. I took a time out. Make sure that you're out doing something while the sun soaks into your skin… Continue reading TIME OUT.

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This Time Next Year Tag.

Thank you to my beautiful friend Chloe ( for tagging me in this awesome blogger tag! Goals for the future and in general are such a fundamental part of my growth and every day life. The goal for me currently is to get out of bed and soak up the sunshine. But in wider context,… Continue reading This Time Next Year Tag.

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My little March haul.

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my first blog Haul ( I'm itching with excitement like a weirdo). This is something I've never dabbled in before on this blog but is something I want to discuss on my blog. March has been such a heinously busy month; workloads sending me into a dark abyss, visiting… Continue reading My little March haul.