My relationship with travel.

  I remember it like it only happened yesterday. My first time stepping on a train was a short hour journey to Preston some four years ago. Time seems to go by in such short heartbeats. It was my first time really acting on a crush I had; I'd known the person only a short while …

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Aspirations for 2018.

'The importance of self-confidence in our lives can not be overstated.' For the past couple of days or so I've been thinking long and hard about this year drawing to its close. When I think about it enough, I am sure as hell ready to kick this year long into oblivion. 2017 has been insanely …

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The confidence capsule- Overcoming fear and tribulations.

Hello you gorgeous people, welcome back to my snazzle jazzle blog. This week emotions have heightened, we've been screwed over by politics once more and I've reached a new amazing high in spite of all that. I've decided to start a little series on my blog called ' the confidence capsule', sharing with you some …

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