About me


Here I am.

Hello lovelies, my name is Sarah and I’m 21 years old- hailing from the North of England.  I have just finished my Undergraduate study in Sheffield as a creative writing student and I am going forward to do an MA in creative writing. I’m hoping to go into publishing as a respective job and want to bring you along with me.

I’ve been writing ever since I was able to get hold of a pencil and pen, and never want to stop. I’ve been published in a few zines at my University and taken part in spoken word poetry events across Sheffield over two and a half years. In 2015 I decided to set up this blog as a hobby and as part of my own therapy, dealing with cloudy areas in my life and injecting a bit of positivity here and there.

My blog is a free for all and I hope you enjoy my little ramblings. I focus mainly on poetry but my content will vary.


My interests: Reading, writing, cooking, photography, travelling, Yoga, blogging, Harry Potter, cats, fashion, beauty, anime, Studio Ghibli, Art, dancing, cartoons, Rupaul’s Drag Race, LGBT, feminism, Drama and Theatre Arts, podcasts.