So on Twitter last week I put out a poll about what content you wanted to see, which I was delighted about! Looks like people wanted a Q&A so here we go.

dasha.alexaandra: ‘ what was your favourite topic/book/course from your University so far?? Also what is your advice for other people wanting to get a Masters ( aka meeee), 

Thank you Dasha! Ooooh this is such a toughie haha. I studied creative writing but took a mixture of both creative writing and English Literature modules to try and get the full experience. I have two favorite modules which I studied in third year, which were In Darkest England ( Lit module) and Experimental writing In Darkest England was my favorite topic as we studied Victorian Literature which focused on class struggle, Socialism, Gender and poverty. We were required to read across a lot of texts but we had weekly online debates which were really educative and fun. My favorite text from that particular module was The Picture Of Dorian Gray as I am a huge Oscar Wilde fan and I loved studying gender and sexuality.

My advice for people wanting to do a Masters is to really engage with what you want to do. There really is no pressure to do an MA course, but it gives you an opportunity to really ground yourself and figure out your career path. Masters are usually between 1 and two years so you have to make sure that the course that you choose is right for you. Do lots of research into Universities, both locally and across the country in which you live so that you can compare which ones would be right for you. Ideally you want to study somewhere with a good reputation and with experienced Tutors. You might also want to look into the social elements of the University, because although a Masters is to work extra hard, you will also want to widen your social circle.

My best advice is talk to your Tutors, but try and talk to at least two who you are familiar with and who have taught you and know what your work ethic and attitude is like. I had regular dissertation ( Major Project for CW students) meetings with a Tutor who knew me really well and taught me over three modules. Those meetings were a gateway into getting a positive reference and feeling confident in my abilities. Also it meant that any worries I had were eased as my Tutor helped me answer queries about the application. Normally you have to apply for a Masters Degree early ( i.e. January time) so get in there quickly when you have made a penultimate decision, as some courses and Universities you may find are competitive.  Applying early means you have the reassurance that a Masters is an option if you feel like deferring or if you change your mind later on in the year. When I applied I was very sure of what I wanted to do and kept working hard throughout the rest of the semester so that I could prove myself to the University/ Universities I applied for.

Good luck ❤

beccaxdoe: ‘ where are you doing your masters and what is it on? ( sorry if thats a Q you’ve answered loads before) are you excited or nervous for your masters? what do you hope to gain from it besides the obvious qualification? 

Thank you lovely girl!! Don’t worry, I haven’t properly answered this before haha. For personal reasons I don’t want to disclose my University, but may do in the future if relevant. I am doing a Creative Writing MA, even though I did an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing. My last three years focused on developing my skills as a writer and writing in different genres, whereas the MA is going to be a year of disciplined work on a publishable piece ( I’m working on a novel) which will be moderated by professional Tutors with a foot in the door of publishing. I am kind of a mix of excited and nervous aha! I’m excited to start a new chapter in a new place and to meet loads of new people and future friends, but also nervous at the prospect of doing it all over again by myself. It’ll feel like the first day of school all over again, daunting but worth it I think!

I hope to gain A LOT from this MA. Since getting accepted my motivation levels have gone up, so I’m looking for a different opportunity with my writing, and to write semi-professionally ( massive nerd lol). I’m studying for just a year so even though that will be a short year, I really hope to gain confidence in myself, a route into a publishing career and friends. Even though I’m going to work hard, I also want to socialise a lot more than I did in Sheffield- I made two incredible friends for life there. Making friends is super important to me.

Thank you for this question ❤ ❤




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