Best University memories.

As I am officially moving out of my Uni house today, I thought it would be fitting to write a little blog post about my Best University memories and moments ( totally not all drunken lol).

  1. The time in first year when I was still young and free, and decided to try and run up a Skateboard ramp in the dark before skidding down.
  2. Pirouetting to Sia’s ” Chandelier” in the middle of the dancefloor.
  3. Meeting my two best friends.
  4. moving in with a ( ex) housemate and attempting to mattress surf down the stairs ( sat down). Imagine a really bad version of the sleepover scene from The Princess Diaries 2.
  5. Uni hall sleepovers and trying to fit three sleepy people onto a single bed. Sleepovers in my room were some of the best times. I will never forget the time when my friend Esme invited me and our other friend over to her flat. Things got pretty awkward as we sat to watch a film and her bed broke from underneath us. Ah good old Halls.
  6.  Bonfire with friends in Endcliffe Park, toasting marshmallows, snuggling and drinking wine and ending up tipsy in a kids park.
  7.  My favourite lecturer in the world, Harriet. I have such a schoolboy crush.
  8. Going to gigs with my friends. I used to have bad anxiety surrounding loud noise and sweaty rooms but after seeing The Orielles and PWR BTTM I’m kind of sold on that one.
  9. My first mini Drag show in OMG and refusing to take my bra off for a challenge.
  10. The time I mistook flacid for placid. I was naive.
  11. Glitter. Uni was where the glitter Queen was born and shall ever have an affinity to.
  12. Joining the Harry Potter Soc and quitting after the sorting ceremony. They just didn’t recognise the Hufflepuff potential.
  13. Dempseys, so many memories to date. Recently I told the doorman I wanted to fist him ( I meant fist bump).
  14. Getting drunk off one cider at 3 in the afternoon and consequently spending the rest of the day dying in my flat.
  15. Seeing so many Theatre productions run by very talented Thespians. My favourite was the Urinetown musical run by English and Drama students at the University of Sheffield.
  16. Spoken word nights upstairs at the Emporium in The Harley, and always drinking gin and iced tea and eating a vegan cake before my performance. Spoken word poetry is magic.
  17. Going on little adventures to Endcliffe park and Heeley City Farm. I remember really wanting a selfie with a goat.
  18. When my housemates brought Ralph the kitten home. He was so tiny once!
  19. Getting told I can’t dance then turning into a dance floor bombshell two years later.
  20. The time my Best Friend drunkenly locked herself in the bathroom at 4am when everyone else was asleep. I managed to save her.
  21. Crewe Hall and learning how to play Ring Of Fire. It all started when I met someone from Tumblr in the smoking area of CRYSTAL.
  22. Finding my confidence.

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