Introducing you to me- 20 facts.


What better way to introduce you to me than to do a good ol’ about me post. This could be rambly but we’ll go with it. Here’s a few things about me ( I promise I’ll try and keep it short).  20 things for 20 year old me.

  1. I’m nearly twenty one and have felt my most different and inspired at twenty.
  2. I thrive most in the sun.
  3. Sushi and pasta are just two of my most favourite foods. Veggie Sushi is an absolute godsend ( I have a huge intolerance to fish) and I’d happily binge on it any day.
  4. Seafood is a no no.
  5. I have been to three countries so far in my lifetime but I plan to travel to Japan one day. Weirdly I used to be terrified of the thought of Japan, due to it being big and wonderful, and if going meant I would feel completely alien with the language barrier and culture shock.
  6. My favourite films are: Kiki’s Delivery Service and Grave Of The Fireflies by Studio Ghibli, Amélie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wild Child, Pinocchio, Juno, Perks Of Being A Wallflower, The Harry Potter films ( fave being the Prisoner Of Azkaban), The Lord Of The Rings, Annie, The Theory Of Everything, Carol, Bridget Jones’ Diary, The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Little Prince.
  7. My sense of humour is the WEIRDEST. I’m sorry but only my sister will truly understand what makes me laugh. The littlest things can make me wet myself laughing, which probably weirds people out haha.
  8. Disney films will always have a place in my heart. I grew up watching every classic Disney film and the new Disney films will never feel as special.
  9. Visiting new places is one of my favourite things to do when I’m feeling trapped.
  10. I’m an incredibly emotional, giving and caring person. Sometimes I care way too much for people who don’t reciprocate. I’m also hugely romantic.
  11. I’m a Homoromantic Demisexual.
  12. I love my parents with every ounce of me.
  13. Cats are everything. Need I say any more? Cats are bae.
  14. I like to drink in moderation but I drink water always ( I’m a cheap date aha!). Going out to dance is possibly the best feeling for me. You can normally find me with a rum and coke or Sour shots. Gin I drink on special occasions.
  15. Hair dyeing has become a bit of a naughty habit. I switch up my hair ALL the time. I can never settle. Influence is what drives me.
  16. I have an eclectic taste in music. I can go from listening to heavy metal to dancing around in my underwear to the Spice Girls. Never ask me my favourite artists, I love too many. So many different songs to facilitate different emotions lol. I know all the words to Barbie Girl.
  17. My first proper concert was Florence And The Machine in 2015 ( I was late to the party okay?)
  18. I love tea. Tea over coffee, although I drink both quite happily.
  19. Theatre productions make me excited. I love going to watch Theatre plays. My Dad grew up with the theatre and a part of that is ingrained into me. I especially love watching Shakespeare productions ( I’m a loser).
  20. Glitter is my forte, entirely! I could wear glitter whenever, wherever. My Uni friends watched the obsession grow.

And that’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed reading these fun little facts.


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